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Our Story

We are an Independent Curatorial Service, pushing the boundaries of the art world's hierarchical structures by curating exhibitions in alternative spaces, sometimes moving beyond the gallery walls and into the actual streets.


In 2015, (Niomi Fawn) Moss founded CURATE (@curatesantate), and has since curated over 50+ public and private art shows. They began curating in fall 2014 (-2018) at Santa Fe's Iconik Coffee Roaster's and in 2018 served as the guest curator for Art.I.Fact for 20 months before moving on to open their own gallery space, which they managed from 2018 to 2020. Moss also curated the groundbreaking show “Something I need you to Know” at SFCC in 2016, bringing progressive art into public space. They won the City of Santa Fe IGNITE Grant in 2016, curating a permanent art installation on the Santa Fe Plaza featuring work from 13 artists.


 Moss has their own art practice and most recently exhibited and performed a solo show at Form & Concept in 2022, after which they took a surfing Sabbatical until 2024. Moss is a former Meow Wolf member. They were named in the article "25 Things We Love About Santa Fe" by the Santa Fe Reporter in 2017. Moss has worked with 85+ artists since 2014, in both group and solo show capacities, and offers individualized, intentional portfolio-coaching. 

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