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An Encore Show By
Tim Reed
Now On View At
Iconik Red July 2024-Dec 2024

Featuring New Works
& Works From 
Silly Love Songs

Tim Reed
 Silly Love Songs

On View At Iconik Coffee Roasters
March 2024-July 14th 2024 

 It is our honor to show Reed's works again. 

 When someone is as prolific as Reed, it is an obvious joy to give them as many walls as possible to show their breadth of work.

That is why we are showing his works in all three Iconik locations.


Reed once wrote, "Actively cultivating 'i don't know' is a life practice for me. Artworks emerge out of that life practice like mushrooms. Growing from a place of 'i don't know.' My studio is the forest and i as the artist am not author at all, i am the weather..coming in patterns doing various things, subject to bigger patterns and subjecting littler patterns to the effects of my various things."

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