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Higher Frequency
Christine Alexander

Show Opens July 6th 2024

4-6 PM

Iconik Coffee Roasters

Lupe Location

Work Showing July 6th 2024-November 6th 2024

Debut Solo Show From The Celestial Highway

From the Curator

In her debut Solo Show, Alexander uses Photography as a vehicle to take us to the realms between Heaven and Earth and back again.  Dream-like, etheric and drenched in color, it is almost like seeing the higher planes of existence. Her use of digital remixing beckons us to look further into our own hearts to remember our relationship to Earth our Home. When viewing this work (Archival Pigment Printed On Bamboo), it is like peering between the dimensions and veils or perhaps like through the eyes of angels, with their wisdom beyond our understanding.


"Higher Frequency is an exploration of the celestial color we see upon entering into realignment with the Earth. For too long, humanity has shuttered its heart to the natural world, gambling away our collective future. The world is broadcasting a call for us to come home. Mountains and skies and oceans are asking us to match our pulse to their heartbeat. If we tune into this frequency, we will be called back to our origins as devotees of nature and the universe".   -Christine Alexander

                       Up Next
    Opening July 20th 4-6 pm
      Iconik Coffee Lena Street

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               An Encore Show
                  At Iconik Red
                    By Tim Reed

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